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Fleur & “The Chop”

FDL Tribe is short for Fleur de lis Lifestyle Tribe. We invite you to join us on our journey to share essential oils in the home and work environments. My son and I use essential oils on a daily basis to support us in body, mind and soul to be at the optimum level we can be. We live in a world full of chemicals and pollution and stress that can affect us all. Using essential oils counteracts all these challenges.

Let me tell you briefly about why we share and educate about essential oils:
The truth is, we love people and we love caring about people. We love to share how to save money and create a positive, healthy environment in the home.

Essential Oils is often misunderstood or dismissed as too “woo woo”.
However by knowing a few tips on how to use them in the home safely they can be a valuable asset.

I have been using essential oils in my home since I was around 18 and my son, Charlie, has had them around him all his life. When he came to me in 2016 and said, “Mum don’t you think it’s time? The year I turn double digits? That I start my own business?”

He has been asking me since he was 7, and after 6 months of early Sunday mornings at swap meets I said yes. As I’d rather give him a start appropriate for his age rather than squash this enthusiasm for good.

Fleur de Lis Lifestyle is my overall business entity that includes all my business interests in assisting people to grow in their body, mind and soul. Becoming a part of the doTERRA family I believe is a great fit because the use of essential oils is a great tool to influence how we feel in our body, mind and soul.

We look forward to sharing how to use essential oils and the best way to buy oils for your home or office.

In our tribe of essential oil users we work with a team of Wellness Advocates that just love to help, educate and share essential oils with us. Please meet:


FDL Tribe Wellness Advocates


Bianca Manno
Helen O’Connor
Michelle Murphy