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We use and recommend doTERRA essential oils. As we explain in our Learn the Secrets to Essential Oils Workshop, we chose doTERRA because of their culture of lifelong learning and their high quality product.  This company has a standard they created, that they measure the quality against every essential oil bottle sold. There is a vast difference in the level of quality compared to many competitors. View this discovery by an organisation independent of doTERRA here.

Another reason, due to the high quality, it means the majority of the doTERRA essential oils are safe to consume.

If you would like to own your own doTERRA essential oils then you can do this in1 of 2 ways:

  1. Buying single oils at retail prices or
  2. Join as a member and receive 25% off all doTERRA essential oils for 12 months

The second option we recommend however ultimately this decision is your personal choice:


Retail PricesMembership pricing

Retail Prices

  1. Go to our doTERRA webpage here
  2. Click on the top menu tab Shop
  3. Select your language and Country of Residence and Click Start Shopping
  4. Select the first option: I want products that will be shipped from within my own country click continue
  5. Search for the items you wish to purchase either via the top menus or the item search box on the right hand side
  6. Go to Cart if this is your first time buying doTERRA essential oils or sign in if you’re a returning customer and complete payment instructions as prompted.

If you have any questions please contact us via our social media links on the top right hand menu of this website

25% off

Pay $25 for an Annual Membership to receive 25% off all doTERRA essential oils or

Buy an enrolment kit and receive your annual membership FREE

  1. Go to our doTERRA webpage here
  2. Click on the top menu tab Join & Save
  3. Select your language and Country products to ship from and Continue
  4. Select the first option: Local (OTG) Order
  5. Select the first option: Wholesale prices and click Continue
  6. Complete your details NB. birth date format is month – day – year (Use my enroller ID 3509391) click Continue
  7. Select items to purchase. For example, membership ($25) plus products or enrolment kit (includes membership)
  8. Set up a recurring Loyalty Rewards Points (LRP) Order of 100PV+ to receive commissions and points
  9. Receive your essential oils in 2 working days (if a local order)

For example, to see what is included in the Essential Collections Kit here or for a summary of some of the kits go here


If you would like to buy essential oils or a kit online please go to our doTERRA page here

or if you’re in Australia or New Zealand view this price list and return this completed order form to fleur @ to order.

If you have questions, please comment below and we will answer your questions.


2 thoughts on “Buy Oils

  1. What is the catch when you join the system’s membership program? I feel there is one.

    Yes, getting 25% off their great products seems novr but I have been in a situation where I was offered such an option and ended up getting promotional emails from other companies.

    Do these people do that? Will they sell my email?

    1. Hey Dave, thanks for your question – a good one. No doTERRA definitely does not sell your email. It really is 25% off for a full year for a $25 membership or get your membership free when you buy a kit – really is completely what you prefer. Have you used essential oils before?

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