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Chemical Free Cleaning – Protective Blend Cleaner Concentrate

Chemical Free Cleaning

I have been concerned with the use of chemicals in my home for many years but now also in places of work and also in the use of personal care products and so have been interested in chemical free cleaning for many years. But that topic is HUGE so this blog will focus specifically on cleaning in the home using natural and chemical free options.

In addition, I have been using essential oils all my adult life (since I was 18) so for almost 30 years (gosh!!). But I wasn’t using doTERRA high quality oils and I also didn’t have the support of so much support, education and knowledge that I now have through the structure of doTERRA. Again I digress…this too is a topic for another blog post. So back to chemical free cleaning… this can be achieved using a range of multiple purpose products such as vinegar or bi carbonated soda or lemons and lemon juice etc. There are also microfibre gloves to assist and I have used these and still do to differing degrees.

However… it is essential oils and essential oil products that have blown me away for many reasons. For example essential oils are:

  • Chemical free and natural
  • They smell awesome
  • I don’t have awful sinus reactions like I used to with bleach products
  • They do actually clean and
  • Often clean effortlessly

My top favourites for chemical fee cleaning are Lemon Oil and Protective Blend (doTERRA’s On Guard oil blend and On Guard products).

This blog post will focus on the Protective Blend Cleaner Concentrate. I personally use doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate. The brand you decide to use is entirely your personal choice but I prefer and recommend doTERRA.

Protective Blend is a generic description for all blends that boost the immune system or ‘protect’ the body from infections. It usually includes the essential oils: Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiata and Rosemary.

What I love most about the Cleaner Concentrate is it can be used on the wet areas of the home i.e. kitchen, bathroom and toilet areas. Which makes these areas smell lovely and fresh without a bleach or chemical smell or sinus reaction. Happy days! What this means is, I love to clean. Can you believe it?

The important point to remember is this product is concentrated therefore be aware when using for the first few times. Fortunately nothing bad will happen if you don’t dilute it other than using a lot of a great product very quickly. I encourage you to experiment and decide the concentration level that works for you and your home. For example, for an older home with older tiling you may need a slightly stronger mix than a brand new house that has not yet seen mould.

So last weekend, I used the cleaner concentrate to clean all surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Including a dilution for the floors. All 3 rooms came up sparkling with little effort (I live in a very old building, so these tiles have seen mould – but no more!) and smelling gorgeous.

I encourage you to share your experiences with this product in the comments on this blog.  I look forward to a chemical free environment. Which means a healthier one and to a great smelling, easily cleaned home! Well that sounds win/win!

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