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doTERRA essential oils review

You’ve been seeking a doTERRA essential oils review because you’ve:

  • Heard of Essential Oils and want to know more? and

  • Heard of doterra but want to know how they are different?

Look no further.

This review is based on my personal experience of using a range of essential oil brands for the past 30 years.

doTERRA essential oils review

essential oils review


Product Reviewed is doTERRA essential oils.

Overall Ranking: 4.6/5
Price: Retail pricing or $25 annual membership for 25% off plus a range of kits to get you started.
Owners – Founding Executive of doTERRA are:

David Stirling. Founding Executive, Chairman and CEO.

Corey B. Lindley. Founding Executive, President and Chief Financial Officer.

Emily Wright. Founding Executive, Sales and Marketing. Gregory P. Cook. Founding Executive and President, Greater China.

Dr. David Hill.

Robert J. Young. and

Mark A. Wolfert.

Founded in 2008


doTERRA is a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.” I had heard of doTERRA as an essential oil brand before I sampled their oils. Perhaps just like you and possibly the reason why you’re reading this review.

So how is doTERRA different from the rest?



  • High quality
  • Education focus
  • Starter kits available at all price ranges
  • Strong branding communicating education and benefits of essential oils
  • Created Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade
  • Positive culture
  • Can sell retail and wholesale through multi level marketing structure
  • Multi level marketing structure with a focus on mentoring and support


  • More expensive than most brands
  • Confusion around some of the founding directors being past Young Living Executives
  • Confusion about being able to sell retail and multi level marketing structure. Sometimes a Pro can be a Con with a lack of knowledge.


This is a great product for:

  • Families
  • Professional couples
  • Single professionals
  • Small Business with premises
  • Those seeking to live chemical free in terms of personal and cleaning products



doTERRA prides itself on their education focus culture. This is ingrained into the organisation. Meaning those deriving an income from selling doTERRA through the multi-level marketing structure cannot move to higher ranks without mentoring and supporting the team they lead. However education, information and support is available at any level you wish to use essential oils. Whether you use oils for personal use, share with family and friends or to build as a business.

There is training available from doTERRA and also from your ‘upline’ mentors. Here is an doTERRA blog of the training available from doTERRA.



I received a great deal of support from my ‘upline’ mentor from the moment I joined and bought doTERRA essential oils. I also provide support to all those that buy essential oils from my doTERRA tribe. This is provided either in person or via our blog or email. For example here is a blog post on 3 Ways to Use Essential Oils



All those that sell doTERRA essential oils are referred to as Wellness Advocates. All Wellness Advocates active in selling doTERRA essential oils will all provide a free sample, if you’re willing to use it. I always provide information with every sample I share. For example card available from Aromattools:

wild orange information





Retail Pricing

Available at any time.

Wholesale Pricing

Available for a US$25 annual membership or when buying a Starter Kit. Kits available at a range of prices.

A How to Buy Essential Oils guide is available here



doTERRA essential oils review

Personally, I chose doTERRA essential oils because of the culture of continual education and support.

It is the combination of doTERRA essential oils being a higher quality product on the market compared to most and this education that is the reason why I am now ‘drug free’. Each Spring when hayfever season hits, I used to be on a steroid medication. Now I manage my symptoms using essential oils with a good diet, exercise and mindset routine.


overcome hayfever

I invite you to share your experiences using essential oils and doTERRA essential oils:

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