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How to Beat and Prevent Winter Colds and Flus

How to Beat and Prevent Winter Colds and Flus

I am fresh off the phone from one of our lovely members of this fabulous tribe. We were chatting about how to beat and prevent winter colds and flus. The following recommended oils should be used in combination with a good healthy diet of fresh whole foods, plenty of fluids such as water, regular exercise and low stress.
My son and I during the Australian winter months of June, July and August always have a couple of drops of onguard oil blend in our diffusers throughout our house. When we’re out and about we also take with us our roller bottles. In these we mix up blends that include onguard. That way we can keep topped up with these oils while my son is at school and I am at work. I love how a small amount of effort can prevent regular sniffles and colds throughout this cooler time of year.

OnGuard Oil Blend

– Diffuse On Guard Essential Oil regularly. This assists with speeding up the recovery process if you are unwell but also protects others that are in the home and not yet sick.
I believe passionately every home should have a diffuser and a bottle of on guard oil blend.

Lemon Oil

– Use Lemon Oil regularly. Diffuse it, spray it diluted with water, clean with it, drink with 1 drop in water. This acts as a disinfectant, protects against colds and flus, uplifts mood and plain just smells nice.
Check out the doTERRA information sheets on these most used oils: OnGuard Oil Blend
Please do reach out if you need any support, assistance or help with more information about oils or how to order.
A great winter gift idea is to give a diffuser plus OnGuard and The Introductory Kit (that includes lemon oil)
 If you have bought through our tribe before please login to your account and order. If you have not please buy through our online shop at doTERRA and use the SHOP tab or to save and access Wholesale Pricing please join as a member for $25 and save for 12 months.

10 thoughts on “How to Beat and Prevent Winter Colds and Flus

  1. Hey! Great post! 🙂 I was feeling a cold coming on the other day and was given “Pizza Rub” by one of my colleagues. I am sure you know what I mean, but essentially it was several essential oils put in to a cream. I rubbed it on my neck and it absolutely helped. I noticed it the next morning. That said, I haven’t heard of the benefits of lemon oil. Thanks for letting me know this is a good option too.

    1. Thanks Randene I’m delighted it was helpful. The oils have so many applications including prevention and not once you’re sick.

      I’m due to clean my home today and I love diluting lemon oil with water as it acts as a surface cleaner and smells much better. Feeding your body rather than breathing chemicals and fumes that make your eyes water. Plus preventing all kinds of ‘bugs’ shared through the air.

  2. Hello Fleur,
    I just discovered your Website, as I was searching for natural orange oil. The autumn is coming and I love natural scent over that period of time, as I notice that we just feel well, however the weather is outside. And yes, we are also less ill during the cold months.
    I will have to come regularly to your place.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Thanks Francoise, I’m delighted you found our website. Yes Wild Orange is a delightful essential oil particularly during the winter months. I am yet to write a blog post about the benefits and uses of orange oil – you have inspired me!

  3. Fleur,
    I enjoyed your article I wish I would have run across it about 2 weeks ago. My little one was sick with a common cold and of course it spread through our household and we are just now getting over it. I have always been interested in essential oils but not sure they will work. But I would have been willing try anything the past two weeks. Thank you for the great information.


    1. Absolute pleasure Monica. Although I have been using essential oils all my life it is only in the past year using the high quality of doTerra oils. The quality makes all the difference. I am sorry to hear you and your family were unwell. Let me know when you’re ready to get started using oils to prevent this in the future. Thank you so much for your comments. 

  4. Great blog on essential oils, Fleur.
    I am new to the world of essential oils, however, the more I learn about them the more I realize their power and effectiveness.
    They have so many uses that I now appreciate that extensive study that must be undertaken to truly know and understand this fascinating subject.
    Are natural diffusers better?
    Are diffusers necessary to get the maximum benefits from essential oils?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Paul and for your comment. Yes there is so much to learn with essential oils. But the benefits are so worth it. For example, I now no longer have or at least very few hay fever symptoms during spring after having chronic symptoms for 30 years. I also improved my diet and stress levels but essential oils were in the mix too.

      Using a diffuser is just one of 3 ways to use or apply essential oils. These are inhaling, applying topically and ingesting (not all brands of essential oils are safe for internal consumption).

      Using a diffuser is simply an effective way to inhale essential oils and as is diluted with water suitable for everyone of any age.

      I plan on writing a 3 part series of how to use (or apply) essential oils next.

  5. This is great. I just recently got a diffuser and I am in love with it. My favorite is lavender and lemon, so relaxing. Now that the winter is coming I will definitely keep these tips in mind. My one question for you is… I was told that it is not safe to diffuse certain oils for children under 6 years old. Is this true? I remember one of them being eucalyptus but am not 100% what the other ones were.

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for your comment. Great to hear you have a diffuser. It is definitely not safe to give children under 6 years old concentrated essential oils. It i safe when you dilute them; either in a diffuser (diluted with water) to inhale or if applying topically (on their skin) to dilute with factionated coconut oil. Eucalyptus oil is regarded as a poison at full strength so therefore just needs to be used with caution. As above, safe to use diluted.

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