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How to Remove a Glass Splinter

How to remove a glass splinter from my foot – Never been so easy.

During the week, I walked outside without shoes to empty the rubbish. Yes I know, stop right there, prevention is always best; always wear shoes especially when taking out the rubbish (or garbage). Near the bins there can be a higher chance of broken glass particularly when living in an apartment building. Anyway, without shoes I must of stepped on some broken glass because I felt something in my foot. I stopped and brushed it off my foot, thinking it was a leaf or twig and kept walking.

About an hour later, I kept feeling a sharp pricking feeling in the sole of my foot. When I had a look, it was a small pink area with a red spot in the middle. On further investigation, it appeared to be a very fine, glass splinter in my foot. Ouch!

As always, I now always turn to the essential oils collection in our home before the traditional medical cupboard.

Because the area on my foot was beginning to look inflamed and infected I used Lavender Oil to calm down the area and soothe the pain. Then I used On Guard blend to fight against any potential infection. I was also hoping this would assist the splinter to come right out as it was proving very difficult to remove with tweezers. Then… within seconds of putting on the essential oils, the splinter jumped right out! I kid you not – I couldn’t believe it – It was a combination of relief and surprise.

How to remove a glass splinter using essential oils was an experience I just had to share with you.

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