How to Buy Essential Oils, How to Use Essential OIls

Learn the Secrets of Essential Oils

Learn the Secrets of Essential Oils

How to use in Your Home

Before we go into learning the secrets of essential oils. First, think about, what do you personally think about essential oils? Are you:

  • Yes I use them
  • Curious to know more or
  • Nah not for me

The Reason Why We Share Essential Oils is because on a daily basis we use the oils for a range of every day needs:

  • Soothing sore throats
  • Neutralising odours
  • Tackling bad breath
  • Cleaning appliances or
  • a boost of air freshener

For all the above purposes, that’s using just one essential oil (Lemon oil)

I want to reassure you, using essential oils is not about:

  • Curing illnesses
  • Competing with traditional methods or
  • Making false or exaggerated claims

In this article, we will share with you our tips on using the top 6 essential oils for the home:

  • Clean stubborn stains on appliances
  • Enhance your cooking
  • Reduce bad breath
  • Uplift or Focus your mood
  • Repel insects and
  • Wind down in the evening

The content of this article is outlined as a demonstration in the video included below in this post. The purpose is for you to increase your knowledge of essential oils so you can make an informed decision.

But, before we continue, here a couple of quick safety tips when using essential oils. Go here for our safety guidelines.

If you have essential oils with you while you’re reading this article or watching the video.

Do smell and sample the relevant oils as we go and pass around the relevant oil bottle for all adults to smell if you’re going through this in a group.

Now to the content. Below is a summary of the oils that can be used for the 6 purposes we are explaining today. We cover this content in the video too. For more detailed information, we have included links to articles we have written that explain each of the 6 essential oils and purposes:

  • Clean stubborn stains on appliances (lemon) e.g. fridge, microwave, whiteboard. Read more about chemical free cleaning here
  • Enhance your cooking (oregano) e.g. in oil for the bread
  • Reduce bad breath (peppermint). Swish diluted in your mouth or a drop in hot water as a herbal tea
  • Uplift or Focus your mood (francincense). Diffuse in the mornings to freshen up the home.
  • Repel insects (tea tree) and I dilute these in water and have on hand in the kitchen ready
  • Wind down in the evening (lavendar). Diffuse in the evening to settle the mood of the home. Read more about a use for lavendar essential oil here.

Would you mind if I took a moment to explain how you could use essential oils in your home?

  • Nature’s Solution (sometimes called the Daily usage) Kit

This one didn’t exist when I joined doTERRA. Up until now I have believed the Home Essentials Kit (the one I started with) was the best value for money. If this kit had of existed in 2016 when I joined, I would have got this one. Why?

It has the top 10 essential oils and oils blends and the diffuser the Home Essentials Kit has to get you started but it also includes:

Fractionated Coconut Oil – I believe essential so you can dilute your oils safely

Wooden Box – to store your oils easily

A range of every day products such as toothpaste, foaming hand wash, vapour stick and much, much more so you can experience using chemical free products in the home. Great for families.


  • Living with Essential Oils Essential Collection (6 single oils plus 5 blends 5 ml bottles (85 drops))

Suitable for those wanting to get started and experience the oils for themselves at their own pace. Plus receive access to wholesale pricing.

  • Sharing Essential Oils Home Essentials Kit (6 single oils plus 4 blends 15 ml bottles (285 drops) plus diffuser)

Suitable for those motivated to use in your own home and share with those you know. Includes wholesale pricing.

  • Building Essential Oils

Oil Sharing Kit
45 bottles of oils, diffuser, cap stickers, fractionated coconut oil, sample key chain and 8 vial.

Suitable for those interested in supplementing your income and sharing oils as a business.

We are actively building a team of those that actively wish to share essential oils with others. All those in my doTERRA tribe (no matter what kit you buy) all receive free access to my business mentoring programme which is normally $697 per month. If you’re curious to know more detail I’d recommend making a time to meet in person or via a skype or zoom call.

If you would like to buy essential oils or a kit please go to our online site here

or if you’re in Australia or New Zealand view this price list and return this completed order form to fleur @ to order.

If you have questions, please comment below and we will answer your questions.



4 thoughts on “Learn the Secrets of Essential Oils

  1. Hi there, thanks so much for sharing this information. We own a small motel and my husband is keen on making a blend of essential oils to use when polishing the timber bed heads in the guest rooms. What blend do you think would be best to freshen up the rooms but also be a relaxing enjoyable scent for guests? Ps. I’m not a fan of Lavender 🙂 Kind regards, Karen

    1. Dear Karen, that is a great idea! I understand re Lavender, I find people either love or hate lavender. I would recommend using something like Wild Orange or Lemon because they give you a great result for cleaning but they smell fresh and uplifting. Perfect for your guests.

      So dilute about 10 drops of your preferred essential oil with 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of vinegar shake together well and then onto a soft cloth to wipe rood surfaces clean.

      Let me know how you go! You’ve inspired me to share this as a future blog post – thank you!

  2. Your article is great and gives us interesting information. I have started a website for breaking all kinds of unhealthy obsessions, and I am looking for universal methods of curing addictions. You have explained that essential oils cannot cure illnesses, but since they stimulate the focus and the mood, is there a possibility of using them for curing different types of addictions? I’m very curious.

    1. Thanks for your question and comments George. I believe essential oils don’t ‘cure’ ailments or addictions in isolation simply because they need to work in combination with an overall healthy lifestyle of good, whole foods and exercise and stress management. In terms of supporting your immune system and fight infection they absolutely do this and you will see improvements in your overall health and well being with regular use. What types of addictions are you referring too? For example, black pepper helps with smoking addiction however it still requires discipline and self-control to achieve.

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