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How to Overcome Symptoms of Hay Fever Naturally

Symptoms Hay Fever

  • Runny nose
  • Itchy eyes
  • Head and Nasal Congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Generally feeling lousy

If you’ve ever experienced hay fever symptoms such as the above during Spring, this article you will welcome.

This article shares how to overcome symptoms of hay fever forever. This comes from me having first experienced hay fever 31 years ago. This is the second Spring I have enjoyed significantly reduced symptoms through 3 natural methods:

  • Reduced Wheat
  • doTERRA Essential oils and
  • Meditation and Affirmations

Reduced Wheat

I have been reducing my wheat intake over many years particularly during Spring, because this is a trigger for my hay fever symptoms. This was pointed out to me by my GP many years ago. Therefore prevention is always important to reduce the symptoms. For example, I often now have raw zucchini spiralised in place of pasta with any pasta sauces. I feel far more energetic and zucchini absorbs the lovely flavours you have created in a good pasta sauce.

doTERRA Essential Oils

But it wasn’t until Spring 2016 that I used theĀ  doTERRA essential oils; lavender, lemon and peppermint blended together to act as a natural anthistamine. And… voila! I did not go to the pharmacy last year for drugs for hay fever symptoms. It is important to note, when using this blend not to put it on skin that is exposed to the sun. The lemon oil will cause you to burn therefore if rubbing on your skin, simply apply on areas that won’t be exposed to the sun such as the soles of your feet.

Therefore, in summary, you can apply it by:

  • Inhaling when diffused into the air, diluting with water
  • Applying to your skin, neat for adults (beware peppermint is strong when put on your face) and diluted with fractionated coconut oil for children and the elderly and
  • Consumed in drinking water or juices or smoothies, whichever you prefer.

As long as the essential oils are absorbed into your blood stream they will support you and reduce your symptoms.

I created this short workshop presentation called Hay Fever Free Forever, this is a facebook live recording:

Take the time to view and hear my experiences and how you can reduce your hay fever symptoms forever:

You can Heal Your Your Life by Louise Hay

This year I have continued to reduce wheat and use essential oils. However to further reduce hay fever symptoms, I introduced meditations to support Louise Hay’s ideas from her book: You Can Heal Your Life. For example, according to Louise for every physical symptom there is an emotional cause or belief. For she says it is for ‘Hay Fever: Emotional congestion. Fear of the calendar. A belief in persecution. Guilt.’ Therefore regular meditations saying you love and approve of yourself or are free of fear will support you further.

This has taken my health to the next level. I can tell you last year when I was still struggling with symptoms I was not as open to this later strategy. This year it has completely paid off. I have next to no symptoms. Last year I needed to almost bathe in the essential oil blend daily. This year I simply put 3 dots of peppermint oil on my forehead.

This simply has been transformational in terms of my health and well being. I am near free of hay fever symptoms. As a previously chronic sufferer this I never would have believed less than 2 years ago. But I am very grateful to now enjoy ‘smelling the roses’ during Spring.

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