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doTERRA December Promotions

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doTERRA December Promotions

December is a great month for free product and saving money but what does it all mean? How do you take advantage of them?

Please note, you don’t have to be ordering regularly every month to receive all these benefits. However, although there are a lot of savings, it can also be confusing. Therefore this is the primary motivation for this post; to outline what the promotions are and how much you can save.

The secondary motivation, is I personally realised that although I had ordered oils for my own self-care I didn’t realise until, an experience in my personal life yesterday, how much I really need to start looking after myself again. December can be a month with so much going on, that you can lose sight of your health and well being commitments. So it is important, to know:

  • What the oils/blends are (ingredients)
  • What they do to help you (benefits)
  • To know when to use them (how to)
  • What $s you are saving

This post is for both your and my benefit.

Please note to access wholesale prices for 12 months (with no conditions to order every month) join as a member for USD $35.00/AUD $35.00 here

doTERRA Monthly Promotions

Every month doTERRA has a Product of the Month give away and a 10% off Product Special

Product of the Month

December is no different. For December 2017, the Product of the Month give away is the Holiday Joy Holiday Blend.

doTERRA December product of the Month

This is a blend of:

  • Siberian Fir
  • Wild Orange
  • Clove Bud
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Cassia
  • Douglas Fir
  • Nutmeg essential oils and
  • Vanilla Absolute.

Simply put it smells like (Christmas) the Holiday season.

Holiday Joy blend benefits are:

  • Purifies the air and
  • Uplifts the spirit

Both of high value during the busy holiday season. I personally diffuse this in my main living area for most of December and especially when hosting the family holiday season meal.

15mL (0.50oz) bottle

Wholesale price is: USD$29.50 (To order this is only available from US warehouses. Available via Australian warehouses with this promotion).

A full description of this blend is here

To receive 5ml bottle of Holiday Blend for FREE – Saving approx Wholesale USD $9.84

Place a 125PV order by 15th December 2017. However I believe there is limited stock so don’t wait till the last day.


10% off Product Special

For December 2017, the 10% off Product Special is Myrrh. I am very excited about this as I have never used Myrrh before and I believe it is lovely. Great for the holiday season.

Myrrh’s benefits are to:

  • Support emotional balance and well being.

I will be looking forward to adding this to my diffuser in my main living area during December but also will experiment in the diffuser in bedrooms.

Myrrh essential oil

15mL (0.50oz) bottle

Retail price is: Wholesale price is: USD $69.33/AUD$92.50 (60 PV) After Discount USD $62.40/AUD $83.25 (54PV)


A full description of this essential oil is here

To receive 10% off Myrrh include in an LRP order by 31 December 2017 –

Saving Wholesale USD $6.93/AUD $9.25

I recommend not waiting until the last day to order though as this will be popular.



doTERRA 200PV Promotions

A few times a year doTERRA has a 200PV Product of the Month give away

200PV Product of the Month

December is extra special where you can take advantage of receiving Frankincense, known as the King of Oils, for FREE. (And you can order up to a maximum 4 times in the month but they need to be individual orders).

Frankincense King of Oils

Frankincense benefits are:

  • Soothing for emotional well being
  • Beautifying for the skin

With many, many people sharing that this oil assists with symptoms for all kinds of ailments and conditions including cancer.

This is one of my favourite oils to use in a blend I make for a small roller bottle in my handbag to wear as a perfume. I will see if it is a good pair with Myrrh.

15mL (0.50oz) bottle

Wholesale price is: USD$69.75/AUD $85.50

A full description of this essential oil is here and of this promotion is here

To receive 15ml bottle of Frankincense for FREE – Saving USD$69.75/AUD $85.50

Place a 200PV order by 31st December 2017. I recommend not waiting  until the last day.

doTERRA December PromotionsTotal Savings:

  • Holiday Joy promotion: Saving approx Wholesale USD $9.84 (approx AUD $12.93)
  • Saving Wholesale USD $6.93/AUD $9.25 and
  • Saving USD$69.75/AUD $85.50
  • Total Savings of Wholesale USD$86.52/AUD $107.68 for existing members and (less $35 membership) USD $51.52/AUD $72.68 new members

To take advantage of the doTERRA December Promotions

Place an order through your existing doTERRA account. If you don’t have one get started here or

If you have any questions regarding the above promotions don’t hesitate to ask questions below or via the contact page here I’d be delighted to assist you.





8 thoughts on “doTERRA December Promotions

  1. These are some great deals. I have a friend that loves essential oil. I will let her know the deal. Do you have any other scent other than the ones you listed here!

  2. I have always heard about essential oils being utilized to treat certain ailments, however, I never have used them in that way personally. I am a huge fragrance fanatic and actually have been collecting perfumes for the last couple years now. Essential oils, at least the ones that I use (bergamot, geranium, frankincense, myrrh, vetiver, etc.) are primarily for the purpose of their fragrance, but I am more curious about how each of these can treat ailments. Maybe you can cover this in a later article?


    1. Hi Donovan, thanks for your comments. Yes I started out years ago for the same reasons for the fragrance. Now I just love how much they improve overall health and well being. Great idea to cover specific oils in future articles. On the list of article ideas – thanks!

  3. The holiday blend sounds perfect for the festive season and Myrrh has such great healing properties.
    Really appreciate this share as I love the promotion deal.
    Thanks Fleur

  4. I love essential oils and have been using them for several years. Aromatherapy is so powerful and a very popular football player Eric Berry (plays for the Kansas City Chiefs) used it to help cope with cancer treatment. He actually claims that aromatherapy made it so easy to recover from the negative effects of cancer treatment.

    Personally, I like Lavender and Ginger? Do you know if those two scents are offered?

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