How to Use Essential OIls

Essential Oil Safety Guide

Essential Oils are safe to use. But a couple of key basic safety guidelines are important to observe.

Essential Oil Safety Guide for You

carrier oil is unscented

  • Use high quality essential oils
  • Some essential oils can cause skin reactions however this can be prevented by diluting with water or carrier oils (e.g. factionated coconut oil).
  • Essential oils may be applied on the skin (dermal application), inhaled, diffused or taken internally.
  • Children and the Elderly may be more sensitive. We recommend diluting with carrier oils (fractionated coconut oil) for application to the skin. Inhale dilute using water or when diffused. Or take internally.

For example, my son only uses the essential oils diluted in his roller bottles. The only essential oils he takes internally are the peppermint and on guard beadlets.

  • Always be guided by your own personal sensitivty
  • If anyone of any age experiences an uncomfortable experience using essential oils use a carrier oil immediately to dilute and remove completely.
  • I personally recommend using Fractionated Coconut Oil as a carrier oil. Carrier oils are unscented. This means you can use to dilute essential oils for use for babies, children and the elderly.

We all have different sensitivities according to our current levels of health and well being. Remember these can change. Therefore be mindful and always begin with ‘less is more’.

  • Please note, when using any citrus oil, ensure it is not on skin exposed to the sun. If it is this area will burn.
  • I personally recommend to always have a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil on hand if you use any essential oils in the home or office.
  • I personally use doTERRA brand essential oils and refer to their recommended ideal amounts here

Remember these Essential Oil Safety Guidelines.  You will now always  happily use essential oils for you, your family, friends and colleagues safely.

6 thoughts on “Essential Oil Safety Guide

  1. Hi Fleur,
    I love essential oils, but I mostly use them in diffuser. I understand that oils must be of the best quality if applied on the skin or taken orally. But do they have to be of the top quality if used in diffuser or oil lamp?

    Also, I’ve heard about few oils that can be taken without carrier oils. I think that were Lavender, Tea tree and Ravensara oil. What is your experience with these oils?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Mia for your comment and questions. Yes I too love diffusing essential oils. In my opinion whether you’re using oils aromatically (diffuser), topically or internally I believe they need to be of the highest quality. After all, these 3 ways get the oils into your blood stream, I’m sure you only want the best in your body.

      Most doTERRA essential oils can be used without carrier oils, which is why I choose to use them. I use Lavender and Tea Tree regularly, I haven’t used Ravensara personally myself.

      Always use being mindful of your own sensitivities as we are all different as I mention in this article. I hope that has answered your question.

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